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Winds Notemax V666 Flash File Sp7731 6.0 Hang Logo Firmware




from the bottom up. click on the arrow at the top left corner. If the number is 0, the device is not rooted. Step 6. press the Home key to open the application drawer. Step 7. To find the recovery, select the "Recovery" tab on the left-hand side. The "Recovery" tab is the topmost tab in the "Settings" window. Power On the phone and wait until you see the "Select screen". Step 8. Press the volume button to bring up the "On" / "Off" screen. Press the power button to turn the phone on. Step 9. On the "Recovery" tab in the "Settings" window, select "Wipe data/ factory reset". Step 10. In the "On" / "Off" screen, press the volume button to select "OK" and then "Wipe data/ factory reset". This will start the factory reset process. Step 11. While the phone is resetting, the screen may go blank, or some messages may flash over the screen. Once the factory reset completes, the phone will restart. If the screen turns black, press the power button to turn the phone off.. Step 12. Select the "Install zip from SD card" option to install the firmware. The firmware will be flashed to the phone within seconds. That's it. The phone will restart. Step 13. You will see the Samsung Logo. You have just completed the installation of the firmware. Proceed to the final steps: Step 14. Select the "Reboot" tab on the left-hand side. Select "Reboot System Now" and press the power button to start the phone. After the phone finishes rebooting, the phone is now unlocked. It is up to you to register the device as your own. You can go to a website like for more details on how to register the device. Windows XP: 1. Start> Computer 2. Right click on the HD: C: drive 3. Choose "Manage" 4. Go to "Device Manager" 5. You will find a list of hardware components that are installed on the computer. You need to find "COM3" in that list. 6. Right click on "COM3" 7. Choose "Properties" 8. You will find "Device Manager" under "COM3 Properties". Select it, press "OK". 9. Click on the "Hardware Ids" tab. Locate the row that represents "Eclipse




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Winds Notemax V666 Flash File Sp7731 6.0 Hang Logo Firmware

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